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TWL 2v2

Defending vs Infinitum Death
SF Sandstorm
Saturday, April 14 6:30 PM AUS

TWL 4v4

Defending vs Delta - Elitez
SF Courtyard
Tuesday, April 10 7:30 PM AUS

TWL Update

After our last match last night against Recon we are now the only clan to go 4-nil in the Close Quarters Battle Tournament from the begging, making our impression felt the boys played very well last night, finishing with us on defence having a mess around towards the end knowing we had the match in the bag. Well done to those that played- Failure, Legion, Trelos and Gu^n3r. Expect another win in the CQB ladder with 0utkast going in confident on the map Dusk and with SF Courtyard and SF Sandstorm coming up on the 2v2 and 4v4 ladders will comeback hopefully with some good feed back. Gu^n3r.

Information - February 03, 2007

After a long time in creation, the 0utKaSt website is finally complete!

In other news the [0utKaSt] Clan have had a fantastic couple of weeks in competitive play with a win of 10-2 against (AEF) on JRTC Farm.

Congratulations [0utKaSt] and keep up the good work!

News Update - January 21, 2007

It's been a long wait but the wait is finally over, the 0utKaSt website has finally been created! The site was designed and created by [0utKaSt]-Legion who runs Missing Link Designers.

The [0utKaSt] clan in the past few weeks have won 4 matches in a row which is an enormous effort. Good job to all the boys who played in the matches and lets hope they can continue to impress us and only improve in not only their gaming skills but also in the area of sportsmanship and love and passion for the game.

Match Update - January 20, 2007

Well what can I say, AIF have picked up their feet, Ive never had to work so hard to kill someone in my life, But that being said They were a terrific clan to match up against on the night, We started on Weapons Cache and well we were defence, After some quick aces by Legion and myself Ace being taking a round by killing all enemys by ourself we were cruizing thru without a breeze. It was then that I decided to get a bit cocky and rush for some kills, which was a bad road to take as it lead to some stupid deaths on my behalf which resulted in legion being flanked and naded or shot. We were inlead the entire time untill assault where, after a few bad rounds we found ourselves 5-6. Nothing we did could get past their camping at spawn, as i didnt use anytihng but the AR we had no smokes and no flashes to help get thru the night, at the end of the match the AIF boys hid in the office buildings with only seconds to spare to draw the game and take it into overtime.

We went into overtime stressed exaughsted and nervous as hell as to what the outcome would be, After a quick OBJ pull in east Legion was already blood red and bleeding. Shortly afterwards legion was blown up by a nade, It was then smashes turn to do his bit and take down the enemy, After maverick went down it was Freakazoid and myself battleing it out for the crown.

No one was game enough as I was yellow and bleeding and not knowing what freakazoid was I did not feel the need to presue him into west where he was camping and waiting for me, The rounded ended as a TIE GAME in overtime.

We went into this round more confident and more prepared, We knew the enemys intentions and they executed virtually the same battle plan as the round before. We secured east from which we camped for a minute or 2 to see if they would play themselves into our trap, They did, but unfortunatly it was Legions bad timing which led to him being shot outside west, With only myself left and 2 enemys I felt the stress of the game on my head. Suddenly an E pops his body up and bang, down goes Freakazoid, With Freakazoid down Maverick went on the defencive knowing his time was up, I approached hole in the wall and had bullets wizz past my back and hit me in the back once or twice, now yellow n bleeding I managed to get a quick flash and throw it over the top to half flash maverick, He returned a flash which was ineffective, from there i flanked and flashed again, with only SECONDS to go before the match was a TIE once again, I managed to get a few bullets into his backside and won the match... never have I had a more determined opposition in the past 5 months to come against.. Well done to AIF and welldone to Legion for the good teamwork and gameplay.. Cheers