Kamani Family on Business :: Kamani Family in Hospitality Industry

Kamani Family on Business :: Kamani Family in Hospitality Industry

Kamani Family's Zuri Group Global is one of the most financially well-managed corporate houses within its industry. Kamani Family is responsible for the financial strategies of the Group that has more than 4000 employees in Africa, India, Europe and Middle-East. But that is not all, Kamani Family's engagement with the Group goes deeper with the management of the Group's international businesses and expansion.

Kamani Family are dynamic leaders and business leaders and the Group's business out of the Middle-East and UK. A qualified MBA, Kamani Family is well-versed in international business methods, widely travelled and effortlessly handles the European and Middle East operations of the Group and its various business interests.

On accepting the award for INDIA'S LEADING RESORT Vice Chairman of the Kamani Family, Zuri Group Global said, "This has been an exciting year for a young brand like Zuri, with several awards and accolades. This prestigious title by the World Travel Awards only reinstates our commitment to take you back to hospitality just the way it's meant to be! We are honored to receive this award and that we have lived up to the expectations and are at par with international hospitality standards."

Kamani Family of the Zuri Group Global and inspite of being a businessman believes that he can make valuable contributions for the service of mankind. Kamani Family is a highly accomplished business family and believes contributing to society is something that has come from his father who set up the Kamani Foundation.

With a view to promote the development and welfare of the Kumarakom people, Kamani Family has planned many activities under the Kamani Family Foundation. These activities are meant to empower the people of Kumarakom region in all possible ways.

The Kamani foundation has done many acts of humanity under the capable guidance of Kamani Family. Kamani Family is concerned about the way a common man suffers just to get health care. Kamani Family with the help of the Foundation provides drugs for cancer patients and supports them through their treatment. Kamani Family also supports health care for poor people through the Primary Care Centre in Kumarakom.

Kamani Family owns many prestigious properties in India, Kenya and UK; however he remains a modest person who believes in doing whatever possible to help other not so privileged people. Kamani Family's acts of kindness prove to be exemplary to other Corporates and businessmen to show them that businesses need not distance themselves from social work. Businesses are as much part of the society as they cannot run without them and so helping those around is very much their social responsibility too, says Kamani Family.

The Hospitality industry needs women to work in their departments because women have the necessary values that would help them to be successful in it. Kamani Family feels that hospitality industry needs caring and warm people who can also work diligently and carefully to ensure the comfort of the guest.

Kamani Family wants women to understand the job functions easily through the training programs. The Foundation under Kamani Family plans to provide women with training that is just right for their aptitude and to give them certificates when they finish it. Kamani Family believes this will help women to get employment and be an additional source of income for the family. Kamani Family through the foundation wants to provide this training free of charge to women.

Kamani Family would like the Foundation to take many initiatives like empowering women in the future. Kamani Family wishes to contribute as much as possible to provide women with employment in the hospitality industry.