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TWL 2v2

Defending vs Infinitum Death
SF Sandstorm
Saturday, April 14 6:30 PM AUS

TWL 4v4

Defending vs Delta - Elitez
SF Courtyard
Tuesday, April 10 7:30 PM AUS

Apply For Clan

If you would like to apply for our clan these are our requirements:

*You must live in Australia
*You must have a AAO Tracker Account
*You must a mic and headset for teamspeak
*You must be active each week
*You must not be a tosser

Post your AAO game name and guid also any other clans you have been in with your age and why you want to join [0utKaSt] in a new topic in this part of the forum.

All recruits will spend a week on TS with us before the clan votes on your application.

If your application is excepted you must notify admin of your [0utKaSt] name for approval.

Good Luck


1) What is your AA username? *
2) What is your AAO Tracker Link? *
3) Where do you live? (Country) *
4) Whats your email address? *
5) Do you have Teamspeak? *
6) Do you have a headset W/Mic? *